Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pre-closing for BEL 313

Today 15 of Oct. Just now in my class had Pre-closing for my course bel 313-Introduction of critical thinking. Actually I feel like this course really tough, but I able to finish all the assignment that given. The assignment that I really like is Forum. This is because, forum teach me to apply the critical thinking skill. Critical thinking skill is important to me if I want to be manager, lawyer or lecturer. It will involve critical thinking. After I learnt critical thinking skills, now I able to argue someone opinion and thought. Seriously I not confident to argue someone opinion, but now I feel more confident in arguing. Thank you to my lecturer that teach me how to use this skill. I will apply this skill in my life. learning critical thinking is a gift for me. I feel really lucky when I learnt this course. It will help when I doing my MUET next year. I really hope that will get at least Band 4 for MUET. I want to beat my friend because he got band 5 for MUET. For my future plan, I want to continue my study in Law or in same course. This only the way that I can show to my elder sister that I not stupid and useless that only waste my parents money. I think that's all what I want to say. Next day I will do my common test. I hope I can pass all the subject and be able to doing my practical training next semester.

I think that's all for today.

continue for next day........