Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The true of life

I don't know why I feel so unhappy..feels so moody today..I don't know why I feel like this. At office nothing special, but there new staff that work at my Department. There do not I just practical student. They thought that I was one of staff that work there. Seriously I really work hard at place which 'they' put in for practical training. I remember what my lecturer had told me before I goes for practical training "Jika tiada kerja awk cari kerja, kerana kerja tidak akan habis, percayalah, dalam pejabat kerja sentiasa ada, jika tiada kerja organisasi tidak akan hidup"

I don't thinks he said to me is same what I just wrote. Just forget about it, so here, I'm working so hard for nothing. If I don't work hard, people out there which needs Zakat will be suffer.

I don't know what happen to Malays. There so many poor people out there.
Why they become like that? What happen to them?

sometimes I wonder if I become like that.

Why people out there still poor but our leaders built the huge castle?? why it


Someone please help poor people out there.

There really needs our help..

Help them by giving them job or something.

help out muslim people...

I can't stand anymore..I want someone change it...